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Paint Touch-up 30ml Tk621-s Gloss Volt New

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Protect your bike frame and touch-up small scratches so you can get back to enjoying your ride. Genuine Touch-up Paint Touch-up scratches and blemishes on your bike with factory-approved paint. Find your bike on, then locate the Bike Tech section near the bottom of the page. The correct touch-up paint for your bike is called out in the technical information. - Comes in a 30 ml / 1 oz bottle with a brush in the cap - All-in-one paint color and clearcoat for a single-stage application - For best results follow the application instructions PDF - Ensure the touch-up paint color and finish match the bike color and finish - For the longest shelf-life, store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight - Paint is custom formulated to closely match the original bike color and finish - Weather and UV exposure can affect the bike color and impair a perfect match - If the bike was ...